Horse Racing Back In Fargo After Hiatus

Horse racing returns to Fargo after a one-year absence.

Last year, the North Dakota Horse Park suffered from owing the city $2 million.

With the debt paid, everything looks like it is back on track.

As for people in the valley, they hope it’s a tradition that will stay.

“It was a really good opportunity to get out and be able to see some racing and doing a little betting. And get her to see some horses,” says Alex Larson of Moorhead.

It’s a family friendly event that wouldn’t have been possible without General Manager Mike Schmitz.

With many gray days, Schmitz was unsure if the opening day would ever come.

“It means a lot to me. It’s been a hectic last couple years. So it’s a special day for myself. It’s one of the career highlights to be able to run again,” says Schmitz.

Hundreds of people filled the horse park clutching to their money and betting slips, all for entertainment.

But even if luck may not be on their side, bidders say it’s still worth the trip.

“Fantastic time. I think it should be all summer long. Look at all the people just enjoying themselves,” says Mitch Cossette of Moorhead.

Near the horse pen, the Larsons were getting their fill of enjoyment.

Ryan and Alex Larson says their oldest daughter Ava was getting a kick out of the horse racing.

And when asked if she knew how to bid

“Not yet but she picks Number 3 every race I guess,” says Larson.

The thrill of betting is all part of the game.

Odds were against Number 3, Passion Minor.

Even after being bucked off in the fourth race, people never expected Passion Minor to pull through on the following race.

“I told them that was the bet of the day. It was her. I know she wasn’t going to be the favorite, and I know she was going to run big today,” says Larson.

Now that racing is back, they hope the horses run big in Fargo for a long time.

“I hope it sticks around since we have a track here,” says Larson.

Horse racing continues tomorrow and runs for the next two weekends.

Admission is $4 and betting starts at $2.