How Muddy Can You Get?

Mud lovers from across the country are making camp in Hankinson.

“Everybody needs a hobby right?”
“You just feel like a kid again.”
“They plan this as their vacation of the year.”
A vacation with one goal, just how muddy can you get?
“You can come out here and get muddy without getting yelled at you can practically do whatever you want,” says Riley Dinsbach of Lidgerwood.
And while it’s every kid’s dream.
“It’s just about the mud.”
It’s far more than kids making camp here.
“All walks of life are here it’s so fun,” says Carly Larson of Valley City.
People of all ages and all backgrounds simply, having fun.
“For us Americans to do this and be proud of our land this is what brings joy to me is we can do this,” says Armando Amaya of Moorhead.
It’s a simple concept.
“Right out here they’re trying to see how deep they can go and not get caught,” says Vinnie’s Mud Bog Owner, Kathy Skrocah.
But along with the mud and crud,
“I could waste my money on other things but this is more fun,” says Dylan Anderson of Lidgerwood.
Also comes a sense of community.
“Everybody is so friendly here, they all say hi to everybody they take care of one another,” says Amaya.
And while this community may make up all walks of life. They all still have one agenda this weekend. Get muddy, shower, and do it all over again.
This is the fifth year for Vinnie’s Mug Bog. More than 3,000 people are participating in this year’s event.