Thousands Line Up For 81st Northwest Water Carnival Parade

Thousands of people line up along Washington Avenue in Detroit Lakes, all for the Water Carnival parade.
The parade marks the end of the Northwest Water Carnival.

A sea of people is all the eye can see for this mile long parade.

It’s a parade that brings people nearby together.
“It’s a wonderful community event, to support each other as next door neighbors, as a community. Yeah, it’s a great parade. It’s one of the better ones,” says Dana Laine of Frazee, Minnesota.
And it doesn’t hurt if you know someone in the parade either.
“Well, today we’re out here because our daughter is riding on the Miss. Frazee float,” says Laine.
Floats, fire trucks and clown cars all put on a show for their audience.

And they gave the people what they wanted.
“I like how they throw candy,” says Skyler Morrison of Detroit Lakes.
“Probably getting sprayed by water,” says Chloe Olson of Detroit Lakes.
“I just like coming out here enjoying the nice weather,” says Chloe Leegard of Detroit Lakes.
At this parade, people of all ages have something to celebrate.

And for this one couple, it’s a 20-year tradition to celebrate their hometown.
“It’s just the two of us today,” says Rita Degroat of Detroit Lakes.
Rita and Verlin Degroat strolled down near Washington Park to catch what new floats this year parade brings.

And when asked what this duo was looking forward to most?
“Everything! We enjoy the whole parade,” says Degroat.
Growing old together one parade at a time brings a sense of comfort.

And for others, just enjoying what this summer pastime brings.
“Just watching the parade and taking the afternoon off,” says Richard Laine of Frazee, Minnesota.
It took the parade over two hours from Washington Avenue down to West Lake Drive.

More than a 100 floats participated in this year’s 81th Detroit Lakes Water Carnival.