Firefighters Working to Prevent Dehydration

While the heat can be a cause for concern among children and the elderly, it can also create dangerous conditions for even those who are used to taking the heat.

Local fire departments will still be responding to calls for fire and other emergencies.

With temps reaching near a hundred, firefighters wearing their gear can boost their body temps significantly and put them in danger of illnesses like heat stroke.

That’s why firefighters say they take steps to stay safe so they can help save others.

“As they come out after they’ve been working inside the fire, we have them drink water,” Assistant Fargo Fire Chief Craig Nelson said. “We have F–M– ambulance out here on the scene, so they get checked out by F–M Ambulance to make sure they’re not getting dehydrated or getting heat stroke.”

Dehydration can have many effects on firefighters, including reduced muscle strength, lower awareness and higher body temperature.