Workplace Stress Could Lead To Serious Health Concerns

No matter what job you have, it seems like workplace stress is almost inevitable.
While stress is common in the workplace, that doesn’t make it any less severe.

From cardiovascular disease to a weaker immune system, stress takes a toll on your body.

Exactly why some area workplaces are doing everything they can, to keep the stress out.
It may not look like Karri Miller is working, but if you ask her it’s moments like this that keep her motivated in her job as a software engineer.
“Even if I’m super crushed, I have a bug, we need to get that fixed right away my manager will still tell me take that time off go relax a little bit and then come back and you’ll get your work done that much faster,” says Microsoft Software Engineer, Karri Miller.
Workplace stress is common, but what’s not common is people dealing with it in a healthy way.
“A lot of people are saying I don’t have time to do anything I don’t have time to make time for myself,” says Sanford psychologist, Desiree Zierke.
But taking that time can make a difference in your workplace performance and personal life too.
“So they’re not maybe being the parent that they want to be, more on edge more snippy with their children, they don’t feel like they’re being the partner in their relationship they want to be,” says Zierke.
“As a leader you want to make this place a good place to work, a good healthy environment i got a sign on my door that says mission first officers always,” says Fargo Police Chief, David Todd.
Chief Todd is well aware how much of an impact stress has on his officers.

That’s exactly why Todd says the department offers everything from a workout facility to counseling services to make sure officers are dealing with stress in a healthy way.
“Remind officers this is there for you, if you’re struggling with something we’ll help you with it,” says Todd.
Stress can take a toll, from cardiovascular disease, increased irritability, weakened immune system and can even make it difficult to lose weight.

Stress causes it all.
“So it really does impact the whole person as well as their family and their circle relationships,” says Zierke.
And that’s why Karri will keep playing those video games…
“Microsoft will always over invest when it comes to our team members, the work environment, the cafeteria, the amenities, we want to invest in our people,” says Microsoft Site Leader, Don Morton.
Desiree says there are simple ways to make sure you stay stress free.

She says exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and practicing deep breathing exercises can go a long way.