Tech Camp for Kids Jump Starts Inspiration

Just because it’s summer vacation doesn’t mean kids have to stop learning.

As a matter of fact more than 90 are giving up a piece of their summer to head back to school.

They’re doing it for the Metro Middle School Technology Camp at Discovery Middle School.

These kids are here for the Technology Camp exploring topics like photography, movie making, video game design and even 3–D printing.

“By bringing this to the middle schoolers it helps prepare them to consider coding and those kinds of activities for future careers,” says camp coordinator Rob Arneson.

Some of these kids are going as far to learn computer coding, a skill most people aren’t exposed to until college, if at all.

The photography course is also a popular one at camp.

“One of the things I want them to come away with is to do photography in a different way. Explore things from different angles look at things in a different way more creatively,” says photography councilor Jim Schutz.

Camper Chloe Bry appears to have learned this lesson.

“I like it because it captures a moment and you can always look back at it. These days you can take as many as you want and not have to like, buy film so it’s not like it’s really costing me any money,” Bry says.

Some of the kids end up enjoying the camp so much, not only do they come back each year, they’ll attend both sessions each summer.

“This is our second offering, we offer in June and we offer in July and we have a few students who are repeating their exact same class just because they enjoyed it so much,” says Arneson.

Soon to be 8th grader Rebecca North is here at camp for her second time taking the class on 3D printing.

“Kids don’t get enough hands–on learning. Most of the time teachers just tell us how to do it but we never actually get to print,” North says.

The kids here certainly do get to work hands–on.

The 3–D printing class is designing key chains with the students’ names on it and at the end of the day they’ll get to print out their work to take home.

The camp comes to an end tomorrow after the Student Show Case where the kids get to share what they created.