Hundreds Of Classic Cars Cruise Into West Fargo

Chrome, plenty of Detroit steel and the sweet smell of exhaust filled the air in West Fargo.

Hundreds of gear heads in rides new and old roll into town.

Toppers Custom Car Club puts on the Cruise Night car show every month during the summer.

We caught up with the Northern Light Corvette Club, whose members travel around the region showing off what they call America’s Sports Car.

David Kruse says he spends up to 10 hours a week babying his ‘vette.

He says it’s an obsession, that he’s glad to share with others.

“Well that’s exactly why we bring it. It is our pride and joy,” Kruse says. “We spend a lot of time waxing and buffing, adding modifications to the cars to make them a little bit more unique than somebody else’s car. But sharing it with your friends. Sharing it with other car buffs, that’s really the joy you get out of it. “
If you’re bummed you missed the sweet rides, there will be Cruise nights on August 18th and September 15th on Sheyenne Street in West Fargo.