Burlap Flea Market Is Everything Junk Nerds Love

Do-it-yourself and pinterest lovers, Burlap Boutique is hosting a junk galore bazaar.
Vendors have everything from handmade pieces to rustic furniture at the Burlap Flea Market.

The market allows people the opportunity to take advantage of low prices on items that are not only nostalgic but trendy.

Organizers say doors and windows have been the hottest items sold.

People are getting crafty and turning these into shabby chic furniture like headboards.

“I think a lot of people like to do their own projects. And it’s fun to go out and find the old stuff and to repurpose and know that you created a piece out of that instead of just throwing it away to the garbage,” says Burlap Boutique owner Paula Otto.
The flea market closes at 6 pm Saturday night.

Vendors are accepting both cash and card.