Bernie Supporters March Day Before Democratic Convention

Area Bernie Sanders supporters march a day before the Democratic Convention, making it clear, Bernie is still in the running.
Sanders is at the center of a DNC scandal after calling for the Democratic Party’s chairwoman to resign after it was revealed she favored Clinton despite officially being neutral.

People here showed their support for the 1,800 Bernie delegates headed to Philadelphia.

One hundred cities across the country are also hosting marches for Bernie.

Supporters want to make it clear that Sanders can still be the country’s next president.

“Still a chance for the super delegates to change their vote to Bernie Sanders. Our voice matters, what we have to say and what is important to us is going to count. That we’re not just blindly voting for a party, we’re voting for the candidate that most fits our belief system,” says March Co-organizer, Azlea Hendrickson.
Supporters say it’s important to not forget the political revolution movement the senator from Vermont started.

Hillary Clinton got nearly a thousand more delegates to become the party’s presumptive nominee.