Cruising For Charity: Community Of Care’s 5th Annual Ride

Dozens of drivers hit the road for Community of Care’s 5th Annual Classic Car and Bike Cruise.
Community of Care, is an organization in Casselton that assists seniors.

The group cruised from Casselton through the lakes area all to support elders living in rural areas of Cass County.
“Yeah, I love riding just to meet friends,” says Erling Opskar of Pelican Lake.
New friends are easy to come by when you’re riding for a good cause.

Even giving a little, makes a big difference.
“It means a lot to our community,” says David Calderwood of Casselton.
Riders are cruising to help provide transportation from Community of Care.

The organization drives seniors around when they’re going through a rough patch.

It’s all about trying to assist elders to stay as residents in their home as long as possible.
“I know what it’s like because my mom is in a situation where she’s in another county that doesn’t have an organization like this, and it would mean a lot if more counties could get going with this type of group,” says Calderwood.
Drivers say if riding helps the community, then they don’t mind going the distance.
“We’re very grateful for the support that we have, and it’s been a fun activity for us. You get some people that maybe don’t participate in other sort of things, so they invite their friends to come along who has never heard of Community of Care,” Community of Care Executive Director says Myrna Hanson.
And someone who has never heard of the group is revving up his motor to give back.
“I ride in honor of my son who was killed in Iraq,” says Opskar.
Opskar has ridden through 49 states.

Opskar’s son, Bryan was an avid motorcyclist and riding is how he pays homage.

But joining this motorcade is a first.

To Opskar, the comradery is a bonus to the charity.
Opskar explains, “I said I’m going to try to ride because I haven’t ridden in a group in a while. So I’m going to try to do it. Again I’ve ridden a lot of rides in honor of my son.”
All of the funds raised will go to Community of Care to help pay for gas that transports seniors for free.