Essentia Nutrition: Choosing The Better Eating Option At The Ballpark

We’re half way into the season for the baseball and if you love going to the ballpark, you may want to listen up.
KVRR’s Diane Thao sits down with Essentia dietician, Marsha Parker for this week’s Essentia Nutrition on what are some healthier choices to snack on next time at a game.
“You know when you do go to the ballpark , you’re bombarded with so many different choices, it’s really a good idea to go in there with a game plan and not just leave it up to chance. That means starting out making sure you’ve eaten breakfast, having lunch. You don’t want to go there being extremely hungry where you’re ready to eat the first thing you see. And then it’s making some wiser choices, such as, choosing a regular hot dog instead of that foot long hot dog or corndog which has extra loaded fats because it’s been deep-fried. Instead of French fries, which is really just a lot of fried carbs and can almost be a thousand calories in just a serving, choosing a soft pretzel or that bag of peanuts in a shell are also a good option since you can take your time eating them and they’re good source of protein also,” says Parker.
Everyone likes to have a drink on the side, what drinks should people be eyeballing.
“That’s very true and usually when you go to a ballgame it tends to be pretty warm also, so it’s important to stay hydrated. They are selling water. There’s many calorie free choices. That’s the way to go if you choose to have some calories and to make sure you get the smallest beverage choice that they do have available and not one of those jumbo sizes,” says Parker.