Gaining Independence One Pedal At A Time

One local camp is helping kids with disabilities gain their independence.
The thrill of finally ditching the training wheels, and mastering a bike on your own is a special feeling.

But for children with special needs, learning to ride doesn’t come as easy.

The iCan Bike Camp wants to make sure every child gets to experience the joy of riding all on their own.
22-year-old Jesse Johnston is still getting the hang of riding a bike.
“He kept saying I’m not nervous,” says Jesse’s Mom, Kathy Johnston.
In just one week, Jesse and the rest of the campers will ditch the training wheels, and swap it for their very own two wheel bike.
“Vincent talked about hoping to be able to ride down a dirt road when he was done with this,” says Camp Volunteer, Jason Askvig.
If you can remember ditching the training wheels, you may recall, it can be a nervous ride.
“I was asking riders are you excited to be here, and most of them, their answer was no,” says Camp Director, Kevin Sandness.
But in just one week, those nerves transform into something much different, confidence.
“Learn I can do this, I can ride bike, I can overcome these fears or accomplish the different things that maybe I haven’t been able to before,” says Sandness.

And when you’re feeling accomplished, you can’t help but feeling pretty good.
“Maggie for example you can just see it lighting up in her eyes that she wants to do this all the time now,” says Askwig.
Because just like riding a bike, it’s a feeling that you won’t soon forget.

Last year’s camp had 30 riders and an 88% success rate.

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