Outreach Options for Fargo Police Officers

The National Institute of Drug Abuse says people exposed to stress are more likely to use alcohol and drugs.

To ensure the well-being of officers, the Fargo Police Department has a contract with the city and The Village Family Service Center to assist in any way they may need.

“Obviously we want to see our officers physically fit as well as mentally fit. It’s part of the service that we provide to our community” says Fargo Deputy Police Chief Joe Anderson.

The high stress job involves making sure you’re on your “A” game to serve the public. Any suspicious behavior noticed results in an immediate conversation between employers and staff.

It’s up to the individual to seek the services, unless there are performance issues that may have an underlying cause. Red flags include coming to work smelling like alcohol, or appearing to have slept in uniform for consecutive days.

“We can make a referral to the village and mandate that they go as part of their employment of the city,” says Anderson.

If officers are involved in critical situations they are referred to a psychologist to ensure proper care in case of trauma.

Anderson explains, “Sometimes we recognize that we can’t take care of those problems on our own and we have to seek help from outsiders.”

We reached out to The Village Family Service Center but they did not give an interview. You can learn more about their services available to the public here.