People Upset With Aftermath of Fourth of July Parties

Litter left by Fourth of July parties on private property has reached an all time high.

Monday’s festivities included all the usual Fourth of July activities one would expect.

Cookouts, boating, and fireworks, but after the grand finale is over people often  forget to clean up.

The Becker County Sheriff’s Office posted a statement on Facebook Wednesday evening asking people enjoying the lake to respect the area and the locals by not littering.
“We wanna keep our lakes clean you know, especially into the future so everybody can enjoy the lakes,” said Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander.
One thing partiers easily forget is that many of these beaches are not public land and the cleanup often falls on private home owners.
This is a story local homeowner John Cox knows too well.

He has been allowing people use his property connected to the sandbar for years.
Cox explained, “The people, they’ve been good about it, they haven’t thrown a lot of trash around, there’s been some incidental things so we go up and clean it up when they’re done but it’s gotten to a point like this year where it’s intentional.”
Cox says people have told him to put up a no trespassing sign to prevent people from using the land.

He asserts that is not his goal, he just wants people to be more mindful while on his property.
“My son-in-law followed a couple and watched them throw bottles right up on our lawn. How would you feel if I did that your place or your parents place or wherever,” Cox said.
The sheriff’s office and Mr. Cox both want to make it clear that they’re not against responsible celebrating on the land, but if the reckless littering doesn’t stop, a heightened police presence or an end to public access to these privately owned beaches may be on the horizon.

“I wanted to put up a sign that says cation poison ivy cause there’s lots of it up there, and that we cultivate flying leeches but I haven’t done that yet,” Cox joked, “That may be the next thing, I don’t know.”

Luckily for Mr. Cox, a local branch of Parrot Heads has planned to come help pick up the trash on his property this coming Monday.

If you’re interested in joining their efforts Mr. Cox says he is open to volunteers.