How Will Minnesota Democratic Delegates Vote?

Along with the split in North Dakota, Minnesota also has more delegates pledged to Bernie Sanders than Hillary Clinton.

The question is, if Sanders releases his delegates to Clinton will all of them go?

Chair of the Clay County DFL¬† Julian Dahlquist says, he thinks it’s unlikely but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“Nothing is 100 percent certain but I expect that they will make the best decision possible at the end of the day and weight everything that’s at risk and at stake in this election in November because there is a lot at stake,” Dahlquist says.

Dahlquist also says that even if Sanders releases his delegates and a few decide not to switch their vote, it shouldn’t have any substantial effect on party unity.

He say’s at the end of the day he believes most democrats will vote along party lines to avoid a Trump presidency.