Woman Works to Spread Word about Red River Issues

Four people sit in the crowd of the Downtown Fargo Library’s community room.

But that isn’t stopping Christine Holland from the River Keepers from spreading her message of river sustainability.

“I want people to learn about the river, so they can use it and appreciate it and take care of it and become more involved with issues related to the river,” Holland said.

These issues involve more than the river being dirty.

Nearly 90 percent of local drinking water is sourced from the Red River, and it’s not just humans that can be threatened by the river’s pollution.

“It’s a whole fishery for over 80 species of fish,” Holland said. “We just want to make a whole healthy ecosystem.”

Phosphate and nitrate runoff from the area spreads to other bodies of water, like Lake Winnipeg.

But if more people are aware of these issues, maybe more people, as Holland said, would become involved with making the Red River more sustainable.

Find more information on River Keepers here.