Bikers Say “I Can!” To Cycling

Earlier this week we showed you how the I Can Bike Camp is helping teach kids and young adults how to ride a bike.
We saw riders gain the courage to take on the challenge of learning how to ride a bike.

Now, we follow Jesse Johnston at the end of this journey.
“It works. It really works,” says Kathy Johnston of Hawley.
For Kathy, she’s been waiting for the day to watch her son 22-year-old Jesse cruise on a two-wheel bike.

During the camp, she’s seen him peddle forward into more confidence.
Kathy adds, “He thought all week he can do it. I never saw him get frustrated. Never got tired. He’s always come and take a drink and be ready to go again.”
Even if he’s off to a shaky start, it’s all about overcoming the obstacle.
“The smile on his face that he’s been going around is just fun to see so it makes you feel good inside,” says iCan Bike Camp volunteer Amy Barglof.
Words of encouragement can go a long way.
The last five days of training all comes down to this, where confidence comes from riding on two wheels.
And how does it feel to be able to ride your own bike?

“Easy,” says Jesse.
To him, biking now is no big deal.
And for Kathy, it’s a moment that she wishes she could press on the brakes.
“Just excited for him to be able to ride a two-wheel bike and feel the freedom and be able to ride with his brother and sister,” says Kathy.
Near the end of the session, Jesse just couldn’t contain how happy he was that his mom signed him up.
“I love my mom,” says Jesse.
There is an 88 percent success rate with this camp.

And organizers say they’re looking at around the same numbers for this year.