United Way School Supply Drive Donation Period Ends

United Way’s School Supply Drive’s official donation period is over but that doesn’t mean you can’t still donate.

The organization will still be accepting supplies at their donation pickup locations.

The organizations goal is to provide 5,300 local kids with all the essential supplies they need for the school year.

Currently they have enough for 5,000.

“You know our goal as the United Way in this community is to prepare kids to succeed. When it comes down to it all of the things that we do really drive towards that because we know if kids are prepared for school they’re going to grow up to be awesome successful adults and that’s what this community needs,” says Kristina Hein, Marketing Director for United Way.

For families planning to attend the giveaway all you’ll need to bring is a valid ID to the Fargo Dome.

The event begins at 8 am and goes until 11:30 am on Saturday August 6th and 4 pm to 7 pm Tuesday August 9th.