UPDATE: Minnesota BCA’s Undercover Operation in Alexandria Ends in Fatal Shooting

An officer involved shooting in downtown Alexandria leaves one person dead and the St. Paul Police department investigating.

They are taking the reins since a BCA agent is involved in the shooting.

KVRR’s Adam Ladwig and photographer John Hanson are in Alex and join us with the latest.

TJ, Alison, it’s quiet right now but there’s still a lot of activity at the scene here.

Officers from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Alexandria Police and St. Paul Police are all on the scene where two Minnesota BCA Agents opened fire today and killed one person.

The incident happened at the white house through the trees on Fourth Avenue East in Alexandria.

They were conducting an investigation into the solicitation of minors when they opened fire and again, one person was killed.

Their identity has not been released and no officers were injured.

The St. Paul Police Department is taking over the investigation.

A spokesperson from the department said no new information will be released tonight.

They still need to identify the victim and the exact cause of death.

More information should be released either tomorrow or Thursday.

Make sure to stick with KVRR Local News and KVRR.com for the latest on the investigation.


We begin with breaking news out of Alexandria.

One person is dead after an officer involved shooting.
The details are limited but we do know the BCA was conducting an undercover investigation involving the solicitation of minors when two agents fired their guns.
One subject died at the scene. No officers were hurt.

We have a crew on the way to Alex and will have the latest at 9.

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