Eliot Glassheim Runs for U.S. Senate Seat

The election season is heating up and incumbent Senator John Hoeven has some competition.

Eliot Glassheim has just put his hat into the ring for the Senate seat that is up for grabs.

This Grand Forks resident is looking to give a voice for all North Dakotans across the state.

“I believe that government can make the world a better place, and make lives better for people and be a useful force in people’s lives,” says Glassheim.

The former State Legislator and City Councilman is ready to move the dirt from Bismarck down to Washington.

“I came to North Dakota for a year in 1971 and I stayed,” Glassheim explains.

His passion stems from living in North Dakota for over 40 years. He says he just wants to get stuff moving in Congress.

“Like many people, I watch the news and I get annoyed and disgusted by seeing nothing done,” he says.

Taking on different issues that affect residents of the Peace Garden State, like Social Security.

“If no action is taken, there will be a 20 percent reduction in everybody’s benefit, automatically,” says Glassheim.

Equal Pay.

“We need equal pay for equal work. Women in North Dakota get paid 71 cents for doing the same jobs men do,” Glassheim explains.

And helping people who are just trying to get by.

He says that “rebuilding the middle class, we all know it’s been hollowed out, it’s become a thing people say, but will people do anything about it?”

The candidate is looking to reach across the aisle to make compromises.

This he says is the key to get the job done for people who are going to the polls.

“I’m perfectly willing to sit down with reasonable republicans and come to solutions where Democrats give up some of what they want and Republicans give up some of what they want in order to solve the problem, take it off the table, resolve the conflicts,” Glassheim states.

Glassheim says that unlike Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, everything that he does will be transparent.

He promises to not violate any rights of the people he will represent.

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