Food Truck Festival Rolls into West Fargo

It’s essentially an outdoor food court with live music, and it’s coming to Fargo this weekend.

The North Dakota Horse Park is hosting its 3rd annual Food Truck Festival.

The gluttony commences Friday, and runs through Sunday.

For the first time, eager eaters can also enjoy live music Friday and Saturday nights, as well as Sunday afternoon.

But the stars of the show will be the 20 food vendors, each bringing their own unique culinary delights.

“Foods and snacks on a stick, you know. We got ice cream, the mini donut folks who just showed up, some Czechoslovakian specialties. A lot of culture, a lot of North Dakota and Minnesota, the upper Midwest coming together for this food thing,” says Mike Schmitz, general manager of the North Dakota Horse Park.
You can find info about ticket prices and band schedules by visiting the festival’s Facebook page.

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