Bison Turf Owner Waiting on City Approval

Another setback for the owner of a popular bar that was destroyed in a fire.

The reopening date of The Bison Turf is pushed back.

Pete Sabo, the owner of Bison Turf, says the only thing that’s holding him back from beginning construction is approval from the city.
Sabo decided that he’ll be expending the Bison Turf to include a second story in addition to repairing the damage caused by last month’s fire.

With the increased capacity of the bar, the City of Fargo is asking Sabo to expand parking for the building.

Sabo says he’s negotiating with the city on the issue and says he expects to have approval to move forward with construction soon.
“No things are going better than I expected, you know and the city is very positive. I’m getting really positive feedback from the city of Fargo and all the different heads of the different districts,” said Sabo.
Sabo says he already has contracted a crew for the rebuild and will start working as soon as the day after approval comes from the city.

Sabo says once construction begins it should only take a few months.

He hopes to have the project complete by November 1st.

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