NDSU Students Raise Money for Local Animal Shelter

You might remember when NDSU students tried to elect a cat for their student senate; unfortunately he was unable to accept the position because he isn’t a student.

That doesn’t stop “Professor X”, the 7–year–old black cat from continuing his philanthropic ways.

For $5 get people two hotdogs and a soda.

All proceeds go to Homeward Animal Shelter, where “Professor X” was adopted.

Since the 2015 election that got the cat national attention, his owners use the opportunity to give back to the local shelter twice a year.

“We’ve even been thinking about a potential presidential run, he’s a busy guy. Between naps and eating he really doesn’t have a ton of time to throw around. But he’s going to see what he can do,” says Zachary Beaton, Campaign Manager.

Professor X’s campaign manager says his platform is creating education opportunities for cats like him.

They hope they can coordinate a meeting between him and Senator Hoeven in the near future.

You can also donate to the cause here.

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