Fargo Woman Arrested After Alleged Burglary in Moorhead

A Fargo woman is under arrest after police find her inside a security fence of a storage business in Moorhead.

Amanda Olson, 35, is in the Clay County Jail after a Moorhead officer allegedly spotted her in the Moorhead Industrial Park in the 1700 block of 25th Street South.

The officer had stopped to inspect Olson’s vehicle, which was parked outside.

Police say it appeared she was going through a storage unit and they found bolt cutters and a cut padlock in her possession.

“Today now we’ll continue the investigation to see where she fully could have gotten into, we know that one unit was propped open, so we’ll learn what she was fully involved in,” said Lt. Tory Jacobson of the Moorhead Police Department.

Police are going through the storage area to see if any other units were tampered with.

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