FargoConnect Events Brings Community Together

It’s only one day but it brings businesses together from all over the metro to interact and learn digital marketing strategies.

Marketing and communications professionals walk in early, ready to talk business.

“What we wanted to do was to bring business people together in a really fun environment and give them time to collaborate,” says Jodi Duncan, President of Flint Group.

FargoConnect brings people together who are hungry to learn how to excel in marketing and technology and gives opportunities to collaborate during workshops.

“It’s mainly small to medium sized businesses; I would say the typical attendee is a marketing director to VP of marketing,” Duncan says.

Smiles light up the dark room as the audience listens to keynote speakers.

In its third year, FargoConnect is known to be both fun and valuable.

“As soon as I got here ,he just got up on stage , I just started laughing and said okay this is going to be a good time,” says Michael Schumer, MSUM senior.

“It was enough for me to miss class and my professors be okay with it,” says Mikayla Miller, NDSU senior,

Students like Mikayla and Michael take the chance to get a glimpse into what might be the next step in their lives.

“They said of course, go market! You’re a senior and need to get your name out there,” Miller says.

Whether you’re a president of a company or a student, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a connection.

This is the third year in a row the event sold out.

FargoConnect launched an app this week to help those who were there stay connected.

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