FedEx Battle Ends: Tax Incentive Given Despite Gehrig’s Call for Reconsideration

Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig wants fellow commissioners to reconsider their vote approving the $618,000 incentive tax moving FedEx Air from Grand Forks to Fargo but was shown no support.

Gehrig says he’s disappointed there was no second on his request.

The commissioner always planned on asking for a reconsideration but his decision was validated when he says he heard FedEx Ground operations will be moving from Fargo to Moorhead.

Despite Gehrig’s battle, FedEx will receive the tax incentive they applied for.

“People are just starting to pay more attention now , and that conversation has started I’m very happy about that. I’m very happy to have been a part of that , and we’re certainly not done. People need to start getting active,” Gehrig explains.

Gehrig does not believe the public’s opinion was reflected correctly in the commission’s vote.

He hopes to see more people reaching out to the city and sharing their opinion.

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