Fargo Looking For Artists To Spruce Up Public Spaces

Calling local artists.

Your idea could become the newest public art installation in Fargo.
“Absolutely love it,” says tattoo artists Hannah Lies. “It’s one of those scenarios for why I love Fargo.
Lies is looking to branch out. She’d love to paint a mural.
“I would love to see one of these sides of the buildings just turn into something big and gorgeous and big and bodacious,” she says.
That opportunity could come soon.

The City of Fargo is looking for submissions of public art projects.
“Anything, anywhere,” explains Arlette Preston with the city’s Arts and Culture Commission. ” It’s wide open.”
The Planning Commission will select up to ten projects, and give each artist or group $500, along with technical support, to help make it happen.
“What are the possibilities in the city?”, Preston asks. “We’re looking to those people with creativity to figure that out.”
Every piece of public art adds a little bit of character to a city and makes it a little more of a unique place to live.
“It’s really neat to see how creative a community can be,” says Kristina Lau with Unglued market.
It could be a golden opportunity for local artists.

Unglued sells goods from more than 250 local craftsmen and women.

Lau is excited that this creativity could spread in the city.
“Definitely things that are really inspiring that you would never even think of creating,” she adds.
It’s not limited to painters or sculptors. Artists can be anything from historians, to poets, to filmmakers.
“We’re talking about temporary or performing art as well as permanent art,” adds Preston.
Lies hopes the opportunity will give more of her colleagues a chance to show off their skills.
“There’s just so much talent untapped. Well not necessarily untapped. It’s being tapped into people’s skin, but not necessarily on buildings quite yet,” she says.
The city planning commission is hosting an information meeting for artists about

the project on September 15th at 6 p.m. at the Sons of Norway Lounge.

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