“Fed Up” Rally Calls for Action on Opioid Oversode

August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day.
Those in the local recovery community say they’re “Fed Up”.

reGROUP, a local addiction recovery organization, hosted a rally at Island Park.

reGROPUP is calling for local and federal action to end overdose deaths.

Parents shared stories of children who died in the grips of addiction.

Rally organizers want these deeply emotional stories to stay in the public eye, to keep more families from enduring the same heartbreak.

“Sharing your stories helps remove the stigma that’s attached to addiction. That stigma keeps us isolated behind doors. That doesn’t get us into recovery,” says Becky Lawler with reGROUP.
There have been more than 30 opiate overdoses in the F-M area this year, including four deaths.

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