Pigskin Providing Profits for Local Businesses

Football season means big business in the area, and it’s ramping up as the regular season is about to begin.

What impact does your favorite teams have on the local economy?
Seeing those bright green football fields on TV means business owners are starting to see green dollar signs in their eyes.
Vikings fan Robbie Craig took in his team’s final preseason game at Tailgators, with his Packers fan fiancé, and their six-month-old, purple-and-gold clad son.
“Good place to watch football,” Craig says. “A lot of different people who come here who like different teams.”
Football fans quickly pack the place in the fall.
“From a normal busy night with the football games I would say a 30 percent increase,” says Sarah Burke with Tailgators.
Of course, these fans need to represent their team.

That’s where Sports City in the West Acres Mall comes in.
“NFL by far is our number one seller,” explains Sports City owner Ron Gorde.
Gorde says business always jumps in July and August, right when training camp starts.
“Jerseys are very good,” he adds. “We’re kind of a cap store so we sell a lot of caps.”
The Vikings are the most popular team, but whose NFL jersey has been the top seller this year?

Carson Wentz, of course.
Gorde adds, “Lot of other teams sell very well too.”
Those teams are well-represented on game days.
“It’s always fun,” says Craig.
Fans say it doesn’t necessarily matter whether or not other fans support the VIkings.

Watching football with a group is just more fun.
“You almost don’t need coffee to come into work. So much people and so much energy,” says Burke.
Even during a trying time for fans reeling from Teddy Bridgewater’s knee injury, there will still be plenty of support for their team, and local businesses, this year.
Craig explains, “Minnesota fans are the best. Through hard times, good times, we never lose our fanship.”

As for Teddy Bridgewater, his jersey was the best-selling Vikings jersey this year at Sports City.

But with his injury, it remains to been seen if sales drop.

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