How to Help Sustain the Red River Farmer’s Market

The Red River Farmer’s Market is back and just as big as ever.

Organizers say they estimate upwards to 3,000 people visit the market each Saturday, that’s up significantly since its inception last year.

As the market grows so do some expenses like renting out the larger space to accommodate the crowd, but organizers say there’s a way you can help the market continue to grow.

“We run the Red River Market on a volunteer basis. It’s run by very active people in our community who are excited about local food and want to create a space for people to enjoy that every Saturday and by becoming a sustaining member you’ll make sure that continues to happen for years to come,” says Market Co-Organizer Megan Myrdal.

To find out how to become a sustain member click

If you’re interested in becoming a sustaining member click this link.

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