Hog Farm Fights Back After Community Backlash

People in Buffalo took their concerns with a proposed hog farm to court.

Now representatives from the company that would be managing that farm are fighting back.

Many people living in Buffalo want a judge to revoke a permit given to Rolling Greens Hog Farm to construct near the small town.

Locals say changes were made to the permit application without giving them an opportunity to address the final application.

Pipestone, Rolling Green’s managing company, says they believe they’ve done nothing wrong.

“Everything we’ve done has been done with the department of health. Everything we’ve done has been above board. Everything we’ve done has been within the rules and regulations,” says Vice President of Pipestone, Dr. Barry Kerkaert.

In addition, Dr. Kerkaert says he believes the people’s concerns come as a result of fear mongering.

“The folks are fearful of the unknown and then there’s been the fear mongers who have seated down and tried to scare all the folks around there to try and side with their own selfish sides,” says Dr. Kerkaert.

The department of health says concerns like these are fairly common in cases of large animal farms.

“Large animal feeding operations quite typically emote very strong emotional responses on both sides,” says Chief of North Dakota Department of Health Environmental Health Section David Glatt.

Pipestone, however, is confident the state is on its side.

“No the state isn’t going to bend I don’t believe. Absolutely they won’t. They’ll defend their position,” says Dr. Kerkaert.

Even though officials from Pipestone say they’re not worried that the state will revoke their permit, officials from the state say they’re taking the concerns from the people of Buffalo very seriously.

“We will be reviewing that complaint and providing adequate response to the court. They are definitely within their rights and that’s how the process is set up,” says Glatt.

As to who will come out on top, that’s still to be determined although people on both sides say they’re willing to fight this tooth and nail.

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