Packathon Hopes to Prep 40,000 Meals for Needy in Two Days

The annual Packathon is resulting in tens of thousands of meals for people in North Dakota and Clay County.

“We’re gonna get out there and we’re gonna solve hunger,” Great Plains Food Bank community manager Cari Drees says.

With every scoop, twist and package full of food, organizations across the F–M area are volunteering to fight hunger.

“There are people out there that every day’s a struggle for them to get food on their plates and to be able to do something that you can know is directly impacting somebody like that is a great feeling,” Merrill Lynch financial advisor Blair Kiland says.

In last year’s Packathon, they packed 38,000 meals.

But now, the bar is set even higher.

“I have every confidence that we’ll make it,” Drees says.

They’re hoping to break records, trying to pack 40,000 meals of food in a span of two days, all in a quest to end hunger in North Dakota.

Each organization which comes in sets a goal for it to meet in a given time limit.

“Almost every time people make the goal. It doesn’t matter if they do or not, they’ve still helped,” Drees says.

Merrill Lynch of Fargo kicked off the event, packing over 700 meals in about an hour.

“Put a tie around it, put it in a box and ship it out. Not much to it,” Kiland explains.

They say as a company, volunteering and giving back is something they’re passionate about.

“Something that the whole office can get behind, one common cause. We know there’s a need and it just feels good to give back,” Merrill Lynch resident director Matt Engen.

And although the event only runs two days, it’s only the beginning.

This is the Food Bank’s first event for Hunger Action Month.

“Together we will solve hunger,” Drees says.

The Packathon goes through tomorrow.

To find out how you can get help the cause, click here.

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