We Need Your Coats! Here’s Where to Donate!

Looking for a way to clean out your closet?

KVRR Local News, Hornbacher’s, KFGO and the Salvation Army are teaming up for this year’s Coats for Kids and Families.

We may not want to admit it, but winter is coming.

As we dig the coats, hats and gloves out of our closets in preparation for the cold snap, there’s a way we can help those in need who may not be able to stay warm.

“We tend to forget when it’s a warm sunny September day that winter is right around the corner and there’s a lot of people in need in our community that will be helped out in this program,” Hornbacher’s President Matt Leiseth says.

Hornbacher’s has been helping the Salvation Army with Coats for Kids and Families for eight years.

Now, KVRR Local News is a proud sponsor.

And it’s not just winter coats.

You can donate an assortment of winter accessories from medium to new condition, at various drop off points in town.

“We really push on trying to get snow pants for the younger ones so they can have a little more chance to play outside in the snow,” Salvation Army Major Byron Medlock says.

If you want to donate coats for kids, teens and families in the F–M area, head over to our donation box at the KVRR station.

We’re accepting donations from September 9th through the 19th.

Coats are handed out to families starting on October 15th.

Major Byron Medlock says the reactions from people receiving coats are worth the hard work.

“It’s amazing, it’s a total surprise. When they come in they’re nervous, but when they go out with their arms full of coats so they feel happy, and the kids are jumping around, sometimes walking out with their boots on before they even get out the door they have boots on,” Medlock says.

Last year, this event gave over 1,400 coats and over 2,500 winter accessories.

Major Byron says they’re hoping to surpass that amount this year.

If you have coats or winter gear to donate, you can come to our station between September 9th and the 19th to put them in our box or any Hornbachers location.

KFGO 790 AM and the Salvation Army location in Downtown Fargo will also have boxes.

The Salvation Army will start giving out the coats on October 15th.

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