The Big Iron Farm Show Rolls into the Red River Valley

The Big Iron Farm Show is back at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds this week.

Tens of thousands will stop by the fairgrounds to see the biggest and best in farm tech.

Growers from across the world will come to West Fargo for the 36th annual Big Iron Farm Show.

“This is the biggest farm show in the Midwest, so we do get people from all over.  We get companies from all over the world actually.  We have some delegations here…actually some groups from Africa and Eastern Europe, so there’s some very large groups that have come over,” said Katy Stenerson, Marketing Director for Big Iron.

Farmers keep coming back to the Big Iron year after year to see the future of farming.

“This year it was kind of centered around technology and obviously everything in farming keeps growing…the tractors and everything keeps getting bigger,” says Stenerson.

The latest in ag technology used to be your run–of–the–mill tractor, but nowadays, it’s a lot bigger and a lot more modern.  From tillers to augers, farm equipment has ballooned in size over the last few years, but not every advancement in agriculture technology involves oversized vehicles.

“One of the time saving things that goes with the hopper–walker is when you’re unloading your grain at the bin site.  It’s going to save you that one trip in and out of the truck. It’s saving you time when you’re between loads, so it just means your semis are getting back and forth to the field faster,” says Scott Horvik, Marekting Director for Rust Sales, Inc.

And faster loading means a better harvest and more money for farmers.

The Big Iron Farm Show is open tomorrow until 5 pm and Thursday until 4 pm.

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