Semi Driver Walks Away from Train vs. Truck Crash Near Dwight

A semi collided with a train near Dwight, North Dakota and the semi driver was lucky to walk away alive.

KVRR’s Morgan Parrish headed to Dwight to learn more about the accident.

A crew is working quickly to clean up a collision between a semi and a train.
A misfortune that nobody wants to go through left a truck driver in the hospital with minor injuries and his vehicle completely totaled.

The crash took place between a Red River Valley and Western Railroad crossing, just one mile north of Dwight.
“Our crew got out of the engines right away, got away from it, called 911,” said Nate Asplund, President of RRV & Western Railroad.  “They were luckily okay, there was fuel all over our locomotive. It did not combust, thank goodness. And the operator of the truck got himself out.”
According to officials, the crew sounded the horn multiple times but the driver proceeded right in front of the train.

However, the truck driver, Mahamoud Hussein, made it out of his vehicle before it received extensive damage.

He was then taken to St. Francis hospital in Breckridge.
“The first responders don’t quite know how he did that, but he got himself up and walked from the flaming burning truck,” said Asplund. “He went up this track to where the first responders arrived right away and got him under critical care and he’s at the hospital at Breckenridge. It looks like he’s going to be okay. Considering this event he’s a very very lucky individual.”
Although Hussein seems to be doing fine, the railroad line still needs a little bit of fixing up.
“There’s quite a bit of a little track damage which we’re repairing right now,” said Asplund.  “The front of our locomotive had impact…a lot of dense a lot of apparatus. The locomotive did derail. So they’re running gear beneath that needs to be repaired, checked out, make sure everything’s fine.”
Officials say they are relieved that when tragedies like this happen, the community works together to keep everyone safe.
“For a very bad event we had a very good outcome,” added Asplund.
Officials say that when you see a track, think train.

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