Fargo Schools Serving Up Pride of Dakota

Fargo Public Schools are showing some state agricultural pride with the 15th annual “Pride of Dakota” lunch.

The tradition started as a way of teaching students about the crops grown in the state and the importance of agriculture.

Some of the dishes served were Cloverdale hotdogs from Mandan served on Pan–O–Gold whole grain buns from Fargo along with Cavendish Farms french fries from Jamestown.

“Some students had a direct connection with a farmer or knew somebody who had a farm and so they’re aware of how grains are produced and then other students didn’t have that connection. So it’s great to have those items on the menu and highlight that connection with what they see in the fields along the highway to what’s on their trays today for lunch,” says Director of Nutrition Services at Fargo Public Schools, Cindy Hogenson.

Hogenson says the event also helps local producers promote their products.

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