High School Students Trying to Save Arbor Park

Students from Grand Forks Central High School are working to save a local park from being torn down.

The students are organizing an event for Saturday at Arbor Park in down town Grand Forks to show the City Council just how much the park means to the community.

The city will discuss possibly replacing the park with condos on Monday.

Event organizers say the park has a deep history in the community, going back to the 1997 floods.

“This park was built in remembrance of the flood that happened. After the flood there was a lot wreckage and this park was built in order to bring some joy to the community and I still think it holds relevance not only to this community right now but also to the high school students,” say Event Organizer Francine Dong.

Dong plans to put together a video of tomorrow’s event to present during the meeting.

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