How Landscapers Keep You Safe While On the Job

Taking care of your lawn can be dangerous, especially when moving sharp objects.

According to the Amputee Coalition, more than 600 children undergo mower-related amputations each year.

Lawn care providers are sharing their tips on how to keep bystanders and their working crew safe.
“We’re huge on safety no down time for employees and stuff like that.
Everything from hard hats on certain jobs, safety glasses, ear protection, steel toe boots hard toe boots,” says Mike Svaleson, Owner of Turf Tamers.
To help prevent future incidents, the machines are including built in safety features which alert the users.

RDO shares with us one of the key features on their lawnmowers.
“It’s an operated presence switch that makes sure you’re sitting in the seat.
If you were to get out of the seat it would either kill the engine or the mower deck so that you wouldn’t run into any danger there,” says Matt Robertson. Service Advisor at RDO.
Not only can lawn mowers be a dangerous vehicle, but other landscaping tools can be safety hazards as well.
“And as for weed whackers, they can definitely be unsafe and also harmful for different things. They have a guard on them. Just make sure that guards in place and working,” says Svaleson.
Officials say at the end of the day, the best safety precaution is to know your surroundings.
“When you’re mowing just be aware of whose walking by.  Our policy you know is if someone’s walking by or if someone’s within 50 feet to stop the mower until they’ve walked by,” says Svaleson.

When it comes to safety, you should always use common sense.  Other safety measures include refueling with the lawnmowers turned off and to wear shoes instead of sandals.

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