The Village Kicks Off Protect Your Identity Week

The Village kicks off “Protect Your Identity Week” with a proclamation reading by a sergeant at the Cass County Sheriff’s Office.

The proclamation is fromGovernor Jack Dalrymple who is dedicating this week to educating people about identity theft.

Sergeant Tim Briggeman gave some safety tips including not giving out any information to people who claim to be the IRS on the phone.

You should also be cautious about people calling pretending to be family members in need of money.

“We see people who have been victims of it that often times takes tons of time for them to fix this and sometimes their own money to get it taken care of,” said Joshua Huffman, who is the Village’s Financial Resource Center Program Manager. “So we want to see people be proactive and help them take steps from really preventing it from happening in the first place.”

The Village is having a document shredding and hard drive disposal event all day on Tuesday.

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