Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Knowing the Symptoms

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so we took a look at resources here in the F-M area.
Kristi Lee-Weyrauch is a registered nurse with Women’s Way, an organization that provides mammograms and screenings to North Dakotans struggling to find health coverage.
“Whenever you feel different in your breasts, because I tell my gals they know them the best, and if they feel a lump, something different, go in and get it checked,” Women’s Way RN Kristi Lee-Weyrauch says.
And sometimes the best thing to do is knowing what’s normal for you.
Lee-Weyrauch says the main symptoms include lumps you can feel or see, change in skin color, puckering, and liquid discharge.

When checking yourself and doing your research, make sure you’re using reliable sources.
“People have to be careful when they’re online, so really making sure you’re within a national organization,” Essentia Health Cancer Center social worker April Morris says.
April says staying within your current healthcare network is often the best option.

If the cost of exams is a concern, she recommends getting ahold of your healthcare network’s financial advisor for help finding programs.

There are a few things you can do to lessen your risk of breast cancer.
“Ideally we would like them to abstain from alcohol but at least limit their consumption to only one drink per day, and then also maintaining a healthy weight, another thing they can do too is breastfeed if they are able to,” Program Manager for cancer survivor outreach Leah Deyo says.
While North Dakota has Women’s Way, SAGE is a breast cancer screening resource for Minnesotans.
To learn more about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, click here.

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