Miss World America Brings a World of Culture into Bennett Elementary

Miss World America is teaching kids at Bennett Elementary about different cultures.

Audra Mari will be in her mother Kaley Mari’s second grade classroom on Wednesdays for the next few weeks.

This week’s lesson is on South Africa.

The kids learn some words in the native language and color pictures of the country’s flag.

Audra also reads to the kids about what life is like in the country.

Mrs. Mari says these lessons are a great opportunity for the kids to learn about different cultures.

¬†“I think if we can give them experiences that make them look at life a little bit differently or a part of the country or a part the world differently that the next time they hear about it, it will come back to them,” says Mrs. Mari.

 Audra will be visiting the students each week until November 16th when she heads off to Washington DC for the 2016 Miss World competition.

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