Making Strides Walk Raises Breast Cancer Awareness

Chilly weather did not stop these walkers from making strides to raise breast cancer awareness.

Trollwood Park was flourishing in pink, as the community helped raise breast cancer awareness.

“I’ve known many people that have either survived breast cancer or have passed away as a result of breast cancer and just fighting cancer and finding a cure for it is a huge passion of mine and has been for several years,” says Event Chair, Tammy Osvold. 

Spreading the word throughout the community, over 100 walkers showed up this morning in support.

“Well you know this is the second annual so you just kind of grow on what you had before with the experience and really it was just trying to get word out there and with social media there’s so much more to try and get people in, to invite them in and try to just build it more and more,” says Promotions & Marketing Coordinator Chair, Megan Zee.

Games like bra pong and rubber duckie were set up to raise funds for breast cancer research and finding a cure.

“As a breast cancer survivor, I value the work that’s gone ahead and continues to go every day for a cure,” says Senior Director of Development at NDSU, Amy Ruley.

Survivors are sharing their stories and why it’s so important to walk for a cause.

“Yes it’s been five years now for me since I was diagnosed and treated and everything’s been good. So that’s always good news when you have your checkups. And on the front side and back side I’ve had many friends who’ve also gone through diagnosis and treatments and fortunately a good number of survivor friends,” says Ruley.

“Well it is a great cause because i know personally some women who have gone and have fought the fought and a couple who have actually lost the battle. So it’s a personal thing when it comes to people you know. And we want to find a cure, that’s what it comes down to and we want to support everybody who has gone through something like this before, man or woman,” says Zee.

According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 246,660 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Nineteen teams made their strides at the walk this morning.

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