UPDATE: 141 Arrested, Protesters Plead “Get Here, Help Us”

Shots were fired while an estimated 250 protesters blocked roads with burning trees on Dakota Access property.
It all started early on Thursday when police officers and National Guard began sweeping protesters southward on Highway 1806.

Many are calling it history in the making.

Reports say shots were fired while officers slowly crept their way down, removing protesters and campers from what is now private property.

Morton County Sheriffs Office says no law enforcement officers were involved in any of the shootings.

They say one woman pulled a .38 caliber, firing three shots at officers while being arrested.

Another victim was shot in the hand after allegedly being run off the road by protesters.
“They made the stance to block public roadways, state highway and a Morton County gravel road… It’s against the law and we can’t let that continue to happen,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.
Morton County is currently using other jails to house the amount of people arrested at the incident.

Governor Dalrymple says protesters were given plenty of warning and time to voluntarily leave and move to the main camp off the Dakota Access site.
“They were being asked to voluntarily go to a different location that is not private property. They had more than ample time yesterday and today to do that,” said Governor Dalrymple.
Many of the people there took to social media streaming live videos from the front lines.
“There have been arrest made. We have folks holding this line right now. I’m well aware, I think we’re all well aware, this is a resolute situation for everybody in this space, that’s what we’ve been told. So we’re just doing our best to hold the line,” said Dallas Goldtooth, who went Facebook Live at the site of the protest several times.
After being moved down Highway 1806, protesters built a blockade of burning trees and tires to block off the bridge on county road 134.

Authorities moved through, and eventually swept the illegal campsite.

Protesters are claiming tear gas and bean bag guns were used by law enforcement officers.

Morton County officials say all protesters have been cleared from the scene and police will continue to hold the site.

Actor Mark Ruffalo was there and condemns actions taken by authorities.
“Governor Dalrymple of North Dakota, if there’s blood on anyone’s hands, it’s on his hands,” Ruffalo said.
“People are here to protect this land, people are here to protect this water.
If you believe in protecting our water, if you believe in clean water for everyone, not just for our people, then get here and help us. Get here. Help us,” said Standing Rock Tribal Leader Dana Yellow Fat.
Stay tuned to KVRR Local News for more on the Dakota Access protest as the story develops.

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