Downtown Fargo Was Packed With Wish Walkers

With only a couple days left before Halloween, Downtown Fargo’s Halloween festivities are in full swing.

The Make–A–Wish Foundation invited the community to dress up in their favorite costumes and trick or treat throughout Downtown Fargo.

The walk started at US Bank Plaza, where the Fargo Fire Department gave children tours of their truck.

Tables were set up with food, a photo booth, and even balloon twisting.

“You buy a bag for $5 and it all goes towards Make-A-Wish and you get candy. It’s a good organization and it’s a lot of fun,” said Wish Walk Event Worker, Tammy Cromwell.

Shops and restaurants used festive pumpkins to let trick–or–treaters know where to get the candy.

“I don’t know, it’s just so festive! It really is. It’s good for the adults, it’s good for the children. It’s just very festive,” said balloon artist, Jeffery Salveson.

“Our set up is kind of fun we went with a sensory thing. So the kids can actually feel what witches eyeballs feel like or the teeth of a monster or even the bones of a fingers. It’s just kind of fun set up for the kids,” said Red River Zoo employee, Wendy Trottier.

The Red River Zoo set up had bracelets for children with allergies to some of the candy.

Employees say they love seeing the variety of fun costumes bring Halloween to life in downtown.

“It’s so much fun to see the little kids and the costumes, there’s quite a variety. We’ve even had some big kids, we just had a shark go by that was kind of scary,” said Wendy.

In addition to the trick or treating, the Walk also included a 3$ showing of Casper at the Fargo Theater.

“Well I just love it, it’s been a lot of fun there’s been a lot of people that are very interactive. It’s been just a great time,” says Jeffrey.

The Trick or Treat Wish Walk was one of many ways Fargo’s celebrating Halloween all weekend long.

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