Community Comes Together For Man Facing Medical Complications

Just two weeks after the birth of his daughter, a local man faces many medical complications.

A heart valve replacement, lung infections and two transfers to Mayo Clinic has left a Fargo family in need.

“It’s been a one thing after another battle here but last Thursday we had another scan and I’m doing better,” says Shane Engel.

It’s a surprise to close family and friends that Shane was even able to make it to the fundraiser.

This is the first one that’s been organized.

“As a family member you don’t necessarily know what you can do so this is a great opportunity for us as a family to get together and organize an event,” says Jess Engel Tweten, Shane’s Cousin.

Local businesses donated items that are being sold through a silent auction.

Friends, family, coworkers and even strangers are gathering to show support.

“Ideally we’d like to raise five thousand dollars, this event is connected with Lend a Hand with Dakota Medical Foundation and they will match up to the first five thousand dollars that is raised. So our goal is $5,000 to get the family $10,000,” Jess says.

Although many of the medical complications came unexpected Shane says there is one pleasant surprise that came with his journey.

Spending time with his three month old daughter McKenna.

“She’s been my little rock through all of this, she was born two weeks before this started, so every day in the hospital and at home we’ve been playing. So had this not happened I wouldn’t have been gotten all that extra time with her,”

It’s a reminder that a donation made is helping more than just one person.

“Hopefully the individuals who bid on them will walk away with something and be able to remember that they helped Shane and his family,” says Jess.

If you would like to help the Engel family, you can make donation by clicking here and clicking Shane’s name.

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