Election 2016: Early Voting Kicks Off in Cass County

Election Day may not be until next week, but Cass County is giving the community a chance to get their votes in ahead of time.

It’s the first day of early voting and so far, it’s been a strong turnout with the number of voters on the rise.
“The clerks are busy, the judges are busy and of course, the students filling out affidavits are another plus for the students that they can also vote early,” said Early Voting Inspector, Darlene Jose.
Qualified voters in Cass County will be able to cast their ballots this week.

Locations include the Baymont Inn & Suites, Cambria Suites and the Fargodome.

The three locations will be open from 10 am to 7 pm.

The Days Inn in Casselton will open with those same hours starting Wednesday.
“I think it’s important because it will get more people to come out and vote,” said Darlene. “That it’ll be easier for them on early election. They have a choice of five days, Monday through Friday rather than just one day next week.”

Voters say that they almost prefer early voting over the actual Election Day.
“There’s usually a long line and people have commitments to work, they have children, pick up their children…go to work,” said voter Brian Zubrod. “They don’t get a lot of time. Here you can walk in here, get in get out. Takes 15 minutes of your day.”
However, voters also say that if you’re not fully prepared, then you should wait until next week.
“I think this election it’s really important to be prepared,” said voter Gordon Court. “There’s some ballot measures that are pretty important I think and so it’s also important to kind of keep up on current events and to know how to cast your ballot.”
Regardless, the community stresses the importance of voting and having your voice heard.
“Like I said before, you vote,” declared Brian. “You can complain if something happens. You don’t vote, you see it on the news, you have no reason to complain. It’s simple, so go vote.”
Voting will continue up until Friday in Cass County.

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