Deer Hunting Safety and Legal Guidelines

Deer hunting season begins tomorrow in North Dakota and on Saturday in Minnesota.

Hunting can be a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous if safety is thrown by the wayside.

There are three main gun safety tips you need to keep in mind before going hunting.

Treat every single gun as if it’s loaded.

Keep good control of your muzzle at all times and make sure you know what your target is and what’s beyond it.

If you follow all of those guidelines, you should be ready to go.

Deer hunting season brings out more people than any other hunting season so it’s also important to stay visible to other hunters.

In Minnesota, it’s a law to be at least 50% covered in blaze orange.

“Basically as long as most of your upper body is orange, that’s the rule for that and also if you are wearing a hat, that has to be blaze orange as well,” said Officer William Landmark with the Minnesota DNR.

That goes for people who aren’t hunting too.

“Any place that you think you may need a little extra safety then I guess I would certainly encourage people to put on that blaze orange during the deer gun season,” said Mark Pollert, Regional Supervisor of North Dakota Fish and Game.

Keeping yourself safe from breaking the law is also important .

It’s illegal to possess a deer in North Dakota without a permit.

And in Minnesota, there’s a new regulation this year to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease.

Full deer carcasses cannot be transported into the state.

They must be quartered or completely de-boned.

“The rule is basically just to preserve our hunting heritage in Minnesota and make sure that our deer herd stays healthy,” says Officer Landmark.

A few rules and regulations to keep you safe until next season.



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