Local Candidates Make Home Visits Hoping for Last Minute Votes

The battle is soon coming to an end for both Democrats and Republicans.
Candidates are out here encouraging the community to get those last minute votes in before Election Day.
“Today we have about 50 volunteers here in the valley and we have about another 50 out in various districts across the state,” said Republican Legislative Campaign Director Lucas Paper. “And we are knocking on local Republican doors to make sure that we remind them to get out and vote.”
The Republican candidates had a meeting before going out in the neighborhoods and discussed how to approach homeowners.

Doug Burgum, the Republican nominee for North Dakota, even stopped by to help the volunteers.
“It’s a lot easier for me to get volunteers when I say Doug’s going to be here,” said Paper. “But it’s really special for them.”
One of the main reasons that Paper is stressing the community to go out and vote is because it could come down to that one last vote to make a difference.
“And so it’s important because these local races are sometimes so close and every single vote literally does count,” he said.
Republicans were not alone knocking on doors.

Democrats also spent the day getting out the vote.
“We can really make a difference from the North Dakota Legislature in making North Dakota and even better place to live,” said Democratic Candidate for North Dakota House, Karla Rose Hanson.
New Generation North Dakota is a group of young leaders that consists of college students and young professionals.
“Today’s focus is really talking to our supporters as well as people who are still making up their mind,” said Hanson. “And we’re really telling them how to vote tomorrow and where to vote and what time to vote and if they have any questions.”
With the polls opening early Tuesday, both parties stress that every vote counts.
“Tomorrow…Election Day…it’s really important that everyone gets out to vote,” said Hanson. “Their every single vote matters. Especially at these local level elections.”
Polls open at 7:00am in both Cass and Clay Counties.

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