Burgum Holds First Press Conference as Governor-Elect

They were just elected hours ago, but already Governor–elect Doug Burgum and Lieutenant Governor–elect Brent Sanford are talking about future plans.

Governor–elect Doug Burgum was clear on some issues he was asked about but on other ones, not so much.

Burgum received a mandate to govern last night with 77% of the popular vote.

He attributes this success to his campaign’s rural outreach.

“We really had tremendous support, tremendous interaction,” said Burgum.

Without naming President-elect Trump, Burgum talked about why he doesn’t think Trump’s campaign affected his own.

“I think politics in a small population rural state like this is real hand to hand and I don’t know how much of the national stuff translates or not,” he said.

He also maintained that he will still be donating his salary, though he hasn’t figured out exactly how that will work.

“I mean if I have to take the salary and donate it and pay the taxes on the thing that I got in…I mean that will just be more crazy bureaucracy but we’ll figure out a way to get it done,” he explained.

When asked about his position on the Dakota Access Pipeline, he deferred to Governor Dalrymple.

“It’s important for all of us to support the leadership that’s in office today because they are the ones that are tasked with making those decisions,” said Burgum. “And I said the decision that Jack’s making between now and December 15th is maybe as important as any he’s ever made in his entire administration and we just need to continue to recognize that he still is the Governor of North Dakota.”

Burgum says he will clarify his position on the Dakota Access Pipeline once he takes office.

He says it’s a constantly changing situation and he doesn’t want to express any opinion on the current state of the protests before he takes office.

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