GoodBulb and the VFW Ask You to Go Green for Veterans

You can show your support for veterans by switching out your porch light for a green one.

GoodBulb partners with the VFW to raise money to support veterans in North Dakota.

You can buy a green light bulb for $5 at the GoodBulb location in Fargo.

So far, they have raised over two thousand dollars.

The fundraiser goes through out the end of November.

“Rather than just donating for that or giving money for a cause giving a light bulb lasts more than just one day, basically leaving it on for months upon months upon months. So people drive by your house three months from now they’re going to know what that’s for,” says Brian Hotten, GoodBulb.

Goodbulb is the same organization that sold the blue lights in memory of Officer Moszer in February.

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